IFLCIntegrated Fuzzy Logic Controller
IFLCInsight for Living Canada (est. 1984; Christian ministry)
IFLCInstitute of Fijian Language and Culture (est. 1986)
IFLCInitial Force Level Control
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" With the theme of Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam -- The world is one family," says Bilal Acikgoz, IFLC spokesperson, " The festival will see participation from 17 countries, which will include 43 students and 18 guide teachers from abroad." " From the Indian subcontinent, 350 students will be taking part in the festival.
With a focus on universal harmony, the festival will be a celebration of various cultures in the world and, as Acikgoz says, " It will spread universal peace through our young emissaries." He continues, " The 14th IFLC is an ideal platform where youths from diverse cultural backgrounds and nationalities can share their ideas and experiences with the world at large to create an environment of peace, harmony and brotherhood." " The International Festival of Language and Culture is an annual celebration that showcases the range of linguistic talents and cultural diversity from around the world.
IFLC continues to bring together continents and cultures.
The IFLC began in 2003 with only 17 countries participating.
The IFLC promotes the diverse languages of the world, cultures of different nations and talents of the youth.
For a patient's results to be analyzed for variation, at least 1 method had to fulfill the definition of a measurable response criterion (3): (1) SPEP M-spike [greater than or equal to] 10 g/L, (2) UPEP M-spike [greater than or equal to] 200 mg/24 h, or (3) iFLC [greater than or equal to] 100 mg/L in the presence of an rFLC that was not with in reference intervals.
Prior to the IFLC, the students of the Marmara Schools participated in writing, photography and drawing competitions where they illustrated what universal peace means to them.
It is unbelievable to bring such talents together from different parts of the world." We are grateful to the volunteers of the International Festival of Language and Culture (IFLC), the Federation of Active Associations in Belgium (FEDACTIO) and the Belgian-Turkish Friendship Association (BELTUD) who took part in organizing the program.
BRE[pounds sterling]KSEL (CyHAN)- Children from around the world who participated in the 13th International Festival of Language and Culture (IFLC) put on a spectacular show in Brussels on Saturday night, drawing a large number of guests.
BRE[pounds sterling]KSEL (CyHAN)- Children from across the world who participated in the 13th International Festival of Language and Culture (IFLC) were welcomed in Brussels and performed a special show at the European Parliament (EP) at the behest of EP President Martin Schulz on Wednesday.
DORTMUND (CyHAN)- The 13th International Festival of Language and Culture (IFLC) held in Germany offered a moving closing ceremony over the weekend that included calls on Turkey to broaden its horizon -- given the continuing inner turmoil in the country -- so that it can see "lights of love and tolerance" spread across the globe.