IFLEIntegrated Freshman Learning Experience (Indiana University; Bloomington, IN)
IFLEDimethylsulphoxide-Induced Friend Leukaemia Erythroblasts
IFLESulphoxide-Induced Friend Leukaemia Erythroblasts
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The cargo included thousands of medium-range 107- and 122-millimeter rocket= s, armor-piercing artillery, hand grenades and ammunition for Kalashnikov r= ifles. Even with all the cargo not yet unloaded, the navy estimated that th= e haul included more than 3,000 rockets and a total of 300 tons of weaponry= .
Among the highly trained Met officers are a handful of rifle officers armed with Heckler and Koch G36 assault r ifles, a favourite weapon of the SAS when serving in Northern Ireland.