IFLSIndianhead Federated Library System (Wisconsin)
IFLSIndonesian Family Life Survey (RAND Corporation)
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Based on latest national indices available (year-on-year evolution) as at November 2018: France: Institut Fran?ais du Libre Service (IFLS)-excluding food; Spain: Instituto Nacional de Estadistica; Central Europe: Cesky statisticky urad (Czech Republic), Polska Rada Centrow Handlowych (Poland) (as at October 2018), Eurostat (Slovakia); Austria: Eurostat; the Nordics: HUI Research (Sweden), Danmarks Statistik (Denmark); Germany: Destatis-Genesis, excluding online only operators and fuel sales (Federal Statistical Office).
The PML- N government under the dynamic leadership of Mohammad Nawaz Sharif had launched IFLS in 2013 with an aim to extend the financial assistance to more vulnerable and the poorest of the poor segment of society.
The cross-section weights are matched to the 2014 Indonesian population, again in the 13 IFLS provinces, in order to make the attrition-adjusted IFLS sample representative of the 2014 Indonesian population in those provinces." [13, 24].
BMI: Body mass index DBP: Diastolic blood pressure CES-D: Centres for Epidemiologic Studies Depression Scale EA: Enumeration area IFLS: Indonesian Family Life Survey IPAQ: International Physical Activity Questionnaire LDL: Low-density lipoprotein NCD: Noncommunicable disease SBP: Systolic blood pressure.
Taking into account intact forest landscape (IFL), or spotless and remote green areas of a minimum 200 square miles, researchers found that from 2000 to 2013, the global IFL area decreased by 354,000 square miles, a reduction of 7.2 per cent.
50 < IFLS < 74, segundo seguimento do Ensino Fundamental;
In early 2012, Andrew launched the IFLS Facebook page, posting pictures, factoids, witticisms, news and Internet memes related to science and nature.
(52) HIGH COMM'R FOR HUMAN RIGHTS, MANDATE OF THE SPECIAL RAPPORTEUR ON THE RAGHT TO FOOD 7 (May 2008), http://www.srfood.org/images/stories/pdf/otherdocuments/1-srrtfnoteglobalfoo dcrisis-2-5-08.pdf; see also Amid Food Riots and Shaken Governments IFls Scramble to Develop a Coherent Response, BANK INFO.
MoveOp is initially focused on IT consolidations that migrate distributed Linux and Unix servers, applications and data onto virtualised IBM's Linux-enabled mainframes, equipped with IBM's Integrated Facility for Linux processors (IFLs), the company said.
The two main reasons cited by respondents for this increased use of Linux on the mainframe were 1) the desire to take advantage of computing capacity available on their mainframe's central processors and/or IFLs, and 2) their assessment that using Linux on the mainframe would be more cost-effective than other platforms.
So they referred me to the IFLS assistive tech guy (IFLS is a group of local libraries in this area), and he referred me right back to the local library since they are the ones that contracted with the Novelist database.
(2) Discriminatory or inegalitarian notions of gender ordering are implicitly and/or explicitly embedded in the assumptions of legal reasoning and rulings of Malaysian Islamic Family Laws (IFLs).