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iFMIntegrated Formal Methods
IFMILL (Inter-Library Loan) Fee Management
IFMInstitut Français de la Mode (French Fashion Institute)
IFMInstitute for Functional Medicine
IFMInterface Module
IFMInstitute of Fisheries Management (various locations)
IFMInstitute for Financial Markets
IfMInstitute for Micromanufacturing (Louisiana Tech University)
IFMIntegrated Facility Management
IFMInstantaneous Frequency Measurement
IFMIntegrated Financial Management
IFMImproved Forest Management
IFMInterfacial Force Microscope
IFMInternational Fashion Machines (Seattle, WA)
IFMInstitut Français de Marrakech (French: French Institute of Marrakesh; Marrakesh, Morocco)
IFMInstitute of Financial Management (Manchester Business School and Bangor University, UK)
IFMInstituciones Financieras Multilaterales (Spanish: Multilateral Financial Institutions; economic development)
IFMInterface Manager
IFMInstitut Français de Madrid (French: French Institute of Madrid; Madrid, Spain)
IFMIncremental Funding Methodology
IFMIonospheric Forecast Model
IFMIstituzioni Finanziarie Monetarie (Italian)
IFMInterface Manual
IFMInflight Maintenance
IFMIntegrated Flight Management
IFMInstitut Français de Meknès (French: French Institute of Meknes; Meknes, Morocco)
IFMIntermediate Frequency Modulation
IFMImproved Frequency Modulation
IFMInstitute for Ministry (Sacred Heart Major Seminary)
IFMInternational Federation of Midwives
IFMInterfaces File Manager
IFMInterbay Fiber Management
IFMIntegrated Flight Managed (Air Mobility Command strategic airlift mission)
IFMInstitut for Menneskerettigheder (Danish: Institute for Human Rights)
IFMInstall from Media (Microsoft)
IFMInnovative Financing Mechanism
IFMInternational Ferro Metals (Australia)
IFMIncome Forecast Method (finance)
IFMInternational Financial Market
IFMInstitut Fuer Meereswissenschaften (German: Institute For Marine Science)
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The 2015 Market Activity report follows the previous 2010 study and analyzes key parameters of global corporate IFM outsourcing activity.
In the past, IFM attracted clinicians who were coping with chronic conditions that didn't respond to the usual paradigms of modern medicine.
Download the IFM magazine on your tablet from Apple App Store or GooglePlay Store.
As per the agreement, the IFM provider will deliver a range of hard and soft services.
IFM Australia Infrastructure Fund owns 100 percent of Pacific Hydro.
IFM has by 30 super funds, covering Cbus, HostPlus and Australian Super.
IFM Investors is more than doubling its current Manhattan office footprint with this transaction.
IFM Will Writing Services Ltd offers professional legal expertise at an extremely affordable cost.
It will offer IFM access to our deal flow and gives us additional funding as we move ahead in building out our portfolio,” said Licursi.
Its new IFM business will enable Tasweek to open up cross-investment opportunities with its global partners in several growth sectors such as power, agriculture, solar energy, water desalination, recycling, waste management, and manufacturing.
64-273) provides the methodology under which the IFM is to be used in depreciating costs incurred in producing or acquiring a television program or motion picture.