IFMCIowa Foundation for Medical Care
IFMCInternational Festival of Modern Choreography (Vitebsk, Belarus)
IFMCIslamic Fund Management Company (Securities Commission Malaysia)
IFMCInvestment Fund Management Company
IFMCInternational Family Medicine Clinic (University of Virginia Health System; est. 2002)
IFMCIslamic Foreign Ministers Conference
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Even the organ of her beloved IFMC described her An Introduction to English Folk Song as evincing 'a certain nostalgic preciousness'--and that was no doubt an attempt to wrap a severe criticism in kindly words.
Oatway, RN, MPH, is a subcontractor to IFMC and is the database manager for the STRIVE study, supplying the hardware, software, and data processing for the STRIVE data collection.
Problems of quality of care were identified by generic quality screens applied in all reviews conducted by IFMC. The generic quality screens (see figure 1, page 31) measure the adequacy of discharge planning, medical stability, deaths, nosocomial infections, trauma suffered in the hospital, and unscheduled return to surgery.
The Manager for Research and Development at the Iowa Foundation for Medical Care maintained the coded fist of the physicians and medical practices in a secured area at IFMC. Only the study groups are reported in the research data.
Los Angeles, CA, August 10, 2013 --( Today, IFMC, Inc., announced Snore2Go, a new product from Snore Free, offering natural sleep improvement in a to-go style orientation.
Snore Free is the original snoring solution and is part of IFMC, Inc.,'s commitment to deliver high quality consumer products.