IFMISIntegrated Financial Management Information System
IFMISIntegrated Financial Information System
IFMISIntegrated Facilities Management Information System
IFMISIndustrial Facilities & Material Information System
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Further, verification of IFMIS Ledger shows that the payments were not posted in the IFMIS Ledger, an indication that they could have been unexplained cash withdrawals,' the report states.
IFMIS is a software system that relies on SAP software to enhance transparency and information sharing across government institutions.
The IFMIS Project is largely funded by the World Bank and by the UK's Department for International Development.
1 modules, he will be one of just two volunteer experts to embark on this three-day trip to Zambia and assist in improving the ministries' and provinces' capacity to collect and analyze fiscal data through the IFMIS.
Quality assurance of the set-up, configuration and commissioning of the IFMIS solution
Delivery of the business process, accounting, reporting and IFMIS training plans
Set-up of the IFMIS administration functions, including security and business continuity arrangements and procedures
Data clean-up and conversion from the TAS to the new IFMIS
Arleen Seed, head of the KTCIP after an interactive session with IFMIS users, said, "We have seen that the system works and we are happy with the effort that the National Treasury has put into the implementation process.
Being implemented by IFMIS Department at the National Treasury, IFMIS, is among the key KTCIP projects funded by the World Bank.
Seed said, "Kenya is a leader in ICT and we would like to replicate what the Country has done in terms of IFMIS and e-procurement in other African countries.
The IFMIS e-procurement system apart from increasing accountability and transparency in the tender award process, also speeds up payments made to suppliers.