IFMLInteractive Fiction Markup Language (computer programming)
IFMLInstituto Fundacion Miguel Lillo (Spanish: Miguel Lillo Institute Foundation)
IFMLInvesta Funds Management Limited (Australia)
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It explains the prerequisites of IFML (domain modeling) and patterns that apply to domain modeling for interactive applications; the standard primitives and language extensions for specific user interface purposes of IFML, including design patterns that address the typical requirements of application front-end design; functionalities for desktop, mobile, web, and multiscreen applications and their design patterns; application examples; how to convert IFML models into implemented software front ends, including tool support; and the place of IFML in the broader context of OMG languages and standards.
Several other tools are introduced as the need for them arises, including OCL (object constraint language) and IFML (interaction flow modeling language).
Colombia), MIZA (Instituto de Zoologia Agricola, Facultad de Agronomia, Universidad Central de Venezuela); IFML and IADIZA.
Paratypes (n= 106 workers, 1 male, 4 queens) from same locality and collector as the holotype, several samples collected with different data: 5w, 03-XII-1981; 9w, 16-III-1982; 67w, 26-III-98; 9w, 12-II-1997; 11w, 20-II-1997; 5w, 12-VI-1997; Paratypes will be deposited at the following institutions: 56w, 1m and 2q at IADIZA, 10w at MZSP, 5w at ICN, 5w at MIZA, 30w and 2q at IFML.
El lectotipo y cuatro paralectotipos se encuentran depositados en la coleccion del ZSM; otros cinco paralectotipos estan depositados en el MNHN y el preparado de genitalia en la coleccion del IFML.
El lectotipo y los paralectotipos se encuentran depositados en la coleccion del ZSM y el preparado de genitalia en la coleccion del IFML.
IFML Instituto y Fundacion Miguel Lillo, San Miguel de Tucuman, Tucuman, Argentina (Carolina Berta).
Material housed at IFML except: 1 male imago (reared): Depto.