IFMOInstitute of Fine Mechanics and Optics (University of Optics and Computing Science; St. Petersburg, Russia)
IFMOIstanbul Film Musics Orchestra (Istanbul, Turkey)
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Future studies can focus on such aspects: firstly, the aggregate study usually follows on the relationship between vehicle ownership and economics factor; other influencing factors such as the public transportation service, vehicle policy restrictions, and car culture (proposed by research groups of IFMO (The Institute for Mobility Research by the BMW Group)) should be included to obtain a more comprehensive understanding of vehicle ownership revolution, a simple model with main influencing factors is highly recommended in the future study.
If the figure is examined, ISP, QCP, IFMO, QFMo, ISMo, and QSMo represent weighting signals of I channel and Q channel, output of first multiplication of I and Q channel, output of second multiplication of I and Q channel, respectively.