IFMRInstitute for Financial Management and Research (Madras, India)
IFMRInternational Foundation for Music Research
IFMRInternational Fellowship of Motorcycling Rotarians
IFMRInstitute for Management Research
IFMRInternational Federation of Mouse Resources
IFMRIn Flight Missile Repair
IFMRInternational Federation of Manrags
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Both DCB Bank and IFMR Capital are valued investors and we hope to carry forward our relationship in future securitization transactions as well."
This year too, an eminent panel of independent jury members constituted by the IFMR will scrutinize the nominations for the Awards.
Easwara Naraynan, COO, Future Generali India Insurance Co Ltd, said, 'We have developed a need based Shop Insurance product in partnership with IFMR Rural Finance.
14 November 2011 - CARE on Friday set an A1 rating to the INR100m (USD2m/EUR1.5m) commercial paper (CP) of Indian group IFMR Capital Finance Pvt Ltd.
BANKING AND CREDIT NEWS-November 14, 2011--CARE gives A1 rating to IFMR Capital's CP(C)2011 M2 COMMUNICATIONS
IfMr Lamb carried out his threat, it would not make the slightest difference to Mr Clegg.
IfMr Pickering feels he was kidnapped then he should call the police."
IFMr Charles Chaplin, the comedian, now on his way back to Britain, returns to the United States, he will be held by the Immigration and Naturalisation Service until it is decided whether he can be readmitted under Federal Law.
Anand, however, raised some funds to start her company from IFMR Trust in Chennai -- she later received some funds from Ford Foundation as well.
This case is now going to be heard in full, but ifMr Nicholson wins this could open the floodgates for a number of similar claims.
RSPCA Mark Gent said after the hearing: "IfMr Spedding is going to look after these animals correctly to prevent them from suffering, the RSPCA's done its job.
The International Foundation for Music Research (IFMR) articles and publications may help inform advocacy efforts with credible scientific evidence of the benefits of music education.