IFMSInteragency Fleet Management System
IFMSIntegrated Financial Management System
IFMSInternational Federation of Mountain Soldiers
IFMSInstitute for Frontier Medical Sciences (Kyoto University; Japan)
IFMSInteroperable Fare Management System
IFMSIntegrated Facility Management System (various organizations)
IFMSIntegrated Financial and Material System (Canada)
IFMSIntermediate Frequency and Modem System
IFMSIntegrated Fire Management System
IFMSIntegrated Fault Management System
IFMSInter-Agency Fleet Management System
IFMSIn-Flight Maintenance Spare
IFMSImformation Flow Management System
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IFMS holds its "Global Meeting" of member societies approximately every two years.
IFMs are not purpose-built service models but are Islamic economic contracts adapted and applied to the banking service.
The NextGen Flight Deck integrates Primary Flight Display (PFD) and Multi-Function Display (MFD) with dual satellite based augmentation system (SBAS) GPS receivers in support of the Integrated Flight Management System (IFMS) with LPV approach capability.
Microglia are referred to as a main source of IFMs in the CNS [62,63], which plays a crucial role in neuropathic pain development [64].
To this end the importance of a PERSAL clean-up strategy and the introduction of the Integrated Financial Management System (IFMS) is necessary.
Then, Shinoj and Sunil [9] extended the fuzzy multiset to the intuitionistic fuzzy multiset (IFM) and presented some basic operations and a distance measure for IFMs, and then applied the distance measure to medical diagnosis problem.
Al Qaradawi, the head of the Muslim Brotherhood affiliated International Federation of Muslim Scholars (IFMS) was talking about the political developments in Egypt that followed the ouster of former president Mohammad Mursi, a Muslim Brotherhood leader, in July by a popular uprising.
An intuitionistic fuzzy multiset (IFMS) [29] A drawn from X is characterized by two functions: "count membership" of A ([CM.sub.A]) and "count nonmembership" of A ([CN.sub.A]) given by [CM.sub.A] : X [right arrow] Q and [CN.sub.A] : X [right arrow] Q where Q is the set of all crisp multisets drawn from the unit interval [0,1] such that, for each x [member of] X, the membership sequence is defined as a decreasingly ordered sequence of elements in CMA(x) which is denoted by ([[mu].sup.1.sub.A](x), [[mu].sup.2.sub.A](x), [[mu].sup.3.sub.A](x), ..., [[mu].sup.p.sub.A](x)) where [[mu].sup.1.sub.A](x) [greater than or equal to] [[mu].sup.2.sub.A](x) [greater than or equal to] [[mu].sup.3.sub.A](x) [greater than or equal to] ...
The project concentrates on flood and drainage systems and plans to implement an Integrated Flood Management System (IFMS) while simultaneously improving the environment and public facilities along the water bodies.
Rutkowski, "High resolution IFMs," 14th International Conference on Microwaves, Radar and Wireless Communications, 2002, MIKON-2002, Gdansk, Poland, 2002.
Techno Brain offers various IT Solutions and products such as InspireHRM (CfMD), a Human Resources & Payroll Management System; MEsure (CfMD), a Project Monitoring & Evaluation System; SecuRegister, a Multi-modal Biometric System; AIRevenue, an Airport Revenue Management System; IFMS, an Integrated Financial Management System, APEX, an Integrated Financial Management System and SecurBanking, a Biometric Authentication System for Core Banking in Identity Management BI/DWH, Infrastructure, Enterprise Business and IT Consulting practice areas.