IFMSSInternational Federation of Multiple Sclerosis Societies
IFMSSInternational Fetal Medicine and Surgery Society
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She redoubled her efforts, serving as executive director of the Society until 1982 and as secretary of the IFMSS until 1997.
This 16 item instrument, developed by IFMSS in 1984, measures the loss of functional abilities of daily living due to MS.[13,30] The instrument is similar to many other instruments that measure functional ability, but was designed specifically for the assessment of individuals with MS.
Today, there are some 1300 scientists worldwide engaged in MS research, through the efforts of the National MS Society and fellow members of the IFMSS. This means there is now a global marketplace where scientific ideas are being fomented, tested, and compared.
"Now, twenty-five years after our constitution was adopted in 1967-in an historic meeting in the House of Lords, London-the IFMSS can look back on services to people with MS worldwide.