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"We also know that genes such as IFN-g are very important for controlling chlamydial infections in humans and other animals.
Since finding the 'holy grail' the QUT team has developed a molecular test to measure IFN-g expression in the blood of healthy and diseased koalas, which has already been applied to a small group of wild koalas taken to the Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital suffering ocular and reproductive tract disease.
Mr Burrell said: "IFN-g will not be used as a herd test but if the blood test is introduced after a skin test has shown TB to be present in a herd its ability to identify positives that have slipped by allows it to be used to reduce the risk of cattle to cattle transmission within a herd ( particularly as some cattle can evade the skin test even though visible TB lesions have developed within them.
KEY WORDS: Morphometry; Mycobacterium; Tuberculosis; IFN-g; Granuloma.
The present study demonstrated that IFN-g is required for defense against M.