IFOAMInternational Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements
IFOAMInternational Federation of Agriculture Movements (est. 1972; Bonn, Germany)
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1) Dados produzidos pela IFOAM e pelo Research Institute of Organic Agriculture (FIBL) tendo como base as informacoes do setor privado, certificadoras e governo de cada pais.
Those who spoke, included Dr Arjumand Nizami, Country Director of the Inter-cooperation, Markus Arbenz, Executive Director of IFOAM Organics International, Aslam Shaheen, Chief Nutrition at SUN at the Planning and Development Commission of Pakistan, Dr.
Unlike Monsanto's claims about the benefits of biotech, the organic farmers and advocates gathered at that IFOAM meeting in Istanbul were reporting on real, documented results.
IFOAM (2011) recognizes this on its website: <<However, besides third party certification and formal standards, there are other methods of organic quality assurance for certain situations and markets.
Appointment of Iran as the representative of IFOAM for (Central and Western) Asia came despite Saudi Arabia's opposition," Chairman of Iran's Union of Exporters and Importers of Agricultural Products Seyyed Reza Nourani told FNA on Tuesday.
Por lo que corresponde a las normas organicas establecidas por IFOAM para los sistemas de produccion ganaderos, podemos indicar que se encuentran aun lejos de los ideales de sustentabilidad, pues no consideran el impacto en la reconfiguracion del paisaje y las unidades de produccion ganaderas en su interaccion de conjunto.
According to the IFOAM 2010 Annual Report, multi-faceted, holistic, agro-ecological approaches exemplified by organic agriculture can significantly contribute to reducing poverty.
Organic movements such as IFOAM aim to bring together farmers and associations engaged in organic agriculture, livestock farming and aquaculture (IFOAM, 2007).
The second international standard is the IFOAM basic standard developed by the International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements (IFOAM), which as an organic trade association and advocacy group that unites more than 750 organic associations who follow its guidelines throughout 116 countries.