IFOFInternational Forest of Friendship (Atchison, Kansas)
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Thus, in our results, increased FA values in the left hemisphere tracts may be due to the inappropriate development of the IFOF and ILF tracts in the right hemisphere.
The IFOF connects the dorsal, medial occipital, and parietal regions with the caudodorsal prefrontal cortex (35).
This rearrangement may have led to increased axonal packing of these left hemisphere fibers, and, thus, help to explain the higher FA mean values for IFOF and ILF fibers in the HR-class.
Luciana and colleagues reported that compared with control subjects, adolescent binge drinkers showed significantly diminished normative increases in FA in the dorsal caudate and IFOF between baseline and follow-up visit.
Higher MD in deaf children was observed also in the right IFOF. A decreased FA among deaf subjects has been previously reported for the right IFOF [42].
Our results demonstrated that, after establishing an exercise regimen in deaf children, EF improved in three behavioral performance measures and declined for WMI in the PCT, right CH, left SFOF, right IFOF, right ICP, left SCR, left ALIC, and gCC.
Medial to the MLF at the level of the external capsule (ExC) the inferior fronto-occipital fasciculus (IFOF) was isolated as classically described [31, 33, 34] (Figure 2(a)).
These fibres, arising from the posterior occipito-temporal gyrus, are located inferiorly and medially to the dILF, IFOF, and sagittal stratum previously described.