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IFORInternational Peacekeeping Force
IFORInternational Fellowship of Reconciliation
IFORImplementation Force
IFORIntelligent Forces
IFORInternational Force (less common)
IFORInertial Frame of Reference
IFORInteragency Forum for Operational Requirements
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Andrew Reece-Jones, the design engineering manager at Ifor Williams Trailers, is delighted the mobile milk unit is proving such a big hit.
The plans, designed by architects Nissen Richards Studio, famed for London's Printworks, will be revealed to the public today at an open consultation at Clwb Ifor Bach from 10am to 6pm.
The meeting had been arranged by officials from 10 Downing Street during her visit to Wales because the Prime Minister particularly wanted to hear the views of a major exporter like Ifor Williams Trailers and discuss the impact of Brexit on international businesses.
Leading Prices: Implements: PS2750 Hedge Cutter, PS1400 Graham Edwards Livestock Trailer, PS1050 Ifor Williams Trailer, PS900 Bale Chopper, PS720 Green Feed Trailer, PS680 Loader Grab, PS680 Ifor Williams Trailer, PS620 Shear Grab, PS600 Livestock Trailer, PS550 Tipping Trailer, PS500 Low Loader Trailer, PS500 Loader Grab, PS450 Plough, PS400 Loader Fork, PS400 Blue Generator, PS380 Twose Roller, PS380 Sheep Feed Trailer, PS350 Sheep/Calf Pens, PS320 Pallet Fork, PS300 Silage Block Cutter.
Ond efallai y dylid cofio cyngor Syr John Morris-Jones i Syr Ifor - er mai tynnu coes oedd o mae'n debyg - sef na fydd "neb ond ffyliaid yn treio esbonio enwau lleoedd."
Ifor goes in search of interesting toilets in China, Japan, Bangladesh, Spain, the Netherlands and England, but he begins with the story of the Welsh loo at the end of the garden.
The company says that the move to take on board Ifor's clients is significant, increasing Adecs' own client base by twenty-five customers.
IFOR technical accounts manager Nick Utle said: "Very often, small and medium-sized firms cannot justify the recruitment of a full-time, dedicated IT resource.
Recognizing that maintaining a reduced military presence would be necessary to stabilize the peace after IFOR's mandate, NATO initiated operation JOINT GUARD in December 1996 and set up the Stabilization Force (SFOR) with the same rules of engagement, reduced force structure, and with a mandate until June 1998.
The statement read: "For 35 years, Clwb Ifor Bach has brought the world's artists to Wales - and Welsh artists to the world.
Staff at Ifor Williams Trailers whooped with delight after Ogier clinched the title in style as a torrid final day of Rally Australia prematurely ended the hopes of his two possible challengers.