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IFORInertial Frame of Reference
IFORInteragency Forum for Operational Requirements
IFORInternational Fellowship of Reconciliation
IFORImplementation Force
IFORInternational Force (less common)
IFORInternational Peacekeeping Force
IFORIntelligent Forces
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An English language proficiency at the 3-level proved inadequate for staff officers operating in the field; either at NORDPOL Brigade HQ at Doboj, Bosnia-Herzegovina--where 21 and 38 officers served during IFOR and SFOR respectively--or at the Nordic Support Group in Pecs, Hungary.
The Czech IFOR contingent totaled 920 (30 at HQ, a Mechanized Battalion of 872 troops, and 18 for helicopter operations); and a SFOR contingent of 644 (22 at HQ, a mechanized battalion troops of 600 troops, and 22 for helicopter operations--the only non-NATO air units in the field).
Initial problems resulted because the Czechs lacked experience in operating in multinational commands and a Czech representative was not present in the British IFOR sector command in Zagreb.
Hence, when the Czechs established their IFOR contingent they decided to staff one-half of it with reserve officers, who were either veterans of UNPROFOR, the Rapid Deployment Brigade, or the elite Prostejov Airborne Brigade.
Romania, as with Hungary, contributed the non-combat Engineering Battalion 96, with 200 troops, to IFOR and SFOR, which was subordinated to the ARRC command in Sarajevo.
Sacirbey said IFOR "has not been entirely consistent with what we agreed to in Dayton.
Three planning factors are pivotal to an IFOR follow-on force.
If an IFOR follow-on force is needed, options include:
Of these options, only a NATO-led force would be capable of enforcing peace by December 1996, when IFOR redeploys.
A post-IFOR force might be considered if some IFOR missions had to continue beyond 12 months.
IFOR has defined its support for civilian implementation as being to:
Paul Newman, managing director of IFOR, said: "We're not just here to provide solutions to IT problems, our aim is to be pro-active in preventing them.