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IFPIInternational Federation of the Phonographic Industry (London, England, UK)
IFPIInternational Federation of Pirates Interests
IFPIIndiana Fiscal Policy Institute
IFPIIntrinsic Fabry-Perot Interferometer
IFPIImaging Fabry-Perot Interferometer
IFPIIndependent Forensic Practitioners Institute (New Zealand)
IFPIInternational Federation of Phonogram & Videogram Producers
IFPIInward FDI Potential Index (foreign direct investment; measure of a country's attractiveness for investment)
IFPIInteractive Forecast Preparation Implementation (computer forecasting protocol)
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Sheeran is the fifth artist to receive the IFPI Global Recording Artist of the Year Award.
The IFPI said it expected some artists in Asian countries to keep their custom of releasing albums on dates considered auspicious, which do not necessarily fall on Friday.
5) These articles address the risks and possible penalties of piracy, but they do not explain how or even if the changes the IFPI made with global release day will influence consumers' piracy activity of material available in a country other than their own or the consequences of pirating the material.
IFPI Hong Kong Top Sales Music Award, which takes place this evening, will honour the outstanding performances of local and international artists and producers in Hong Kong.
Apesar da grande crise economica ja vir afetando a audiencia dos concertos (inclusive, o relatorio da IFPI de 2011 sugere um cenario menos promissor para a musica ao vivo) a verdade e que nao ha grande interesse da industria fonografica em investir na mediacao destes dados de forma sistematica (o que eles fazem e medir quanto rende por ano as 50 principais turnes de grandes idolos internacionais).
La IFPI e IIPA contabilizan cientos de millones de dolares 'perdidos' por la pirateria cada ano.
IFPI estimates that with the advance payment, recording the music, making music videos, arranging a tour and marketing the artist, a new pop act costs at least $1 million to break -- and even this is conservative.
Global recorded music sales fell around 10 percent in 2009 as rampant illegal downloading continued to eat into legitimate digital and physical sales, according to IFPI.
Studies contained in the IFPI Digital Music Report "overwhelmingly" conclude piracy suppresses music sales, with one survey showing around one in five people in Europe shared music illegally in 2009.
Collating separate studies in 16 countries over a three-year period, IFPI estimates more than 40 billion files were illegally file-shared in 2008, giving a piracy rate of around 95 per cent.
IFPI chairman John Kennedy said: "Doing nothing is not an option if there is to be a future for commercial digital content.
However, the record company which owns the rights to the Beatles back catalogue, IFPI, has allowed this only for programmes aired in the past month.