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IFPOInstitut Français du Proche-Orient (French: French Institute of the Middle East)
IFPOInternational Foundation for Protection Officers
IFPOInternational Freelance Photographers Organization
IFPOInstitute of Fire Prevention Officers
IFPOIrish Fish Producers Organisation (est. 1975; Dublin, Ireland)
IFPOIntrapartum Fetal Pulse Oximetry (obstetrics)
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"A question of identity is a question of the other," exhibition curator, philosopher and IFPO researcher Guillaume de Vaulx told The Daily Star.
AaThis project has been completed thanks to the support of the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Institut FranE*ais du Proche-Orient (IFPO), USAID Tourism Development Project II (SIYAHA) and UNESCO, in cooperation with the Department of Antiquities of Jordan.AaTo improve understanding of ancient construction methods in Jerash, the Institut FranE*ais du Proche-Orient (IFPO) and the Department of Antiquities (DoA) construct a model VIth century water-powered stone saw machine known as a Byzantine Hydraulic Stone Sawmill.
See Sabrina Mervin (ed.), Les Mondes Chutes et l'Iran (Paris: Karthala IFPO, 2007).
Beirut has been formed organically, with few attempts to be urbanely planned but remains to-date "a city in plans" (according to Eric Verdeil, Ifpo, 2011- Beirut et ses urbanistes, Une ville en plans).
Les dE[umlaut]tails avec Le Jourdain.L'organisateur du colloque est l'Institut FranE*ais pour le Proche-Orient (IFPO).
She has worked with the Forced Migration Studies Programme at the American University in Cairo, the Shaml Centre in Ramalla, the French research centre IFPO, and the Department of Palestinian Affairs of the Jordanian government.
The protest, organised by the Irish Fish Producers Organis-ation (IFPO) and several other unions began at noon.
Cyril Yovitchitch, an IFPO team official, expanded on the castle's long history.
Tillier, Les Cadis d'Iraq et l'Etat abbasside (/32/750-334/945) (Damascus: IFPO, 2009), 646ff.
The French Institute of the Middle East (IFPO) and the French Institute (IF) will stage a translation workshop, drawing on the talent of young Lebanese, Egyptian, Tunisian, Algerian and Moroccan translators from Human and Social Sciences (SHS).