IFPSInternational Federation of Psychoanalytic Societies
IFPSInitial Flight Plan Processing System
IFPSInternational Fluid Power Society
IFPSInternational Federation of Philosophical Societies
IFPSInteractive Forecast Preparation System
IFPSIntegrated Initial Flight Plan Processing System (EU)
IFPSIntensive Family Preservation Services
IFPSInternational Free Press Society (Fredriksberg, Denmark)
IFPSInteractive Financial Planning System
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NFPN was established in 1992 as the primary national voice for the preservation of families, and was equipped to provide the training and technical assistance necessary to implement quality IFPS programs nationwide.
The East Carolina program provides students applications in IFPS and VP-EXPERT.
Investment and Trade, Joint Ventures, IFPS (SME Power), Training and Technology.
IFPS significantly reduced placement rates or delayed placements of children compared with children of the same risk level but who received traditional child welfare services.
Como parte de esa primera etapa, la empresa trajo a Mexico un programa de planeacion financiera, llamado IFPS, el cual tuvieron que traducir al espanol para comercializarlo.
or standard modeling software such as IFPS (Interactive Financial Planning System, Execucom Systems Corp.
Primary caregivers were interviewed at two months after termination of IFPS to ascertain use of the recommended aftercare services.
Lindo and IFPS continue to dominate this application software for both the mini/mainframe and microcomputer systems.
It appears that LINDO and IFPS dominate the mathematical modeling area in both the mainframe/mini and microcomputer environments.
With almost seven million flights each year, rising by five percent per annum and an estimated forecast to double by 2015, Eurocontrol needed technology that would quickly and cost-effectively receive, validate, correct and distribute all flight plans affecting the IFPS System in Europe.