IFPSInternational Federation of Psychoanalytic Societies
IFPSInitial Flight Plan Processing System
IFPSInternational Fluid Power Society
IFPSInternational Federation of Philosophical Societies
IFPSInteractive Forecast Preparation System
IFPSIntegrated Initial Flight Plan Processing System (EU)
IFPSIntensive Family Preservation Services
IFPSInternational Free Press Society (Fredriksberg, Denmark)
IFPSInteractive Financial Planning System
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NFPN was established in 1992 as the primary national voice for the preservation of families, and was equipped to provide the training and technical assistance necessary to implement quality IFPS programs nationwide.
This study responds to studies that challenged the effectiveness of IFPS in preventing out-of-home placements.
The goals of IFPS are to (1) protect children, (2) maintain and strengthen family bonds, (3) stabilize the crisis situation that is placing the child at risk of placement, (4) increase the family's skills and competencies, and (5) facilitate the family's use of formal and informal helping resources (Whittaker & Tracy, 1990).
The main functions ASTA2 the introduction of automated communication system IFPS, the introduction of automated administration and registration of FPL, automation of message processing TACT / CASA for all ARO for FMP Praha and TWR Prague.
Evolution of IFPS and NDFD will bring increased efficiency to National Weather Service operations and more accurate information.
The combination of FAXGATE and IFPS will automate the current manual process of handling catalog orders that arrive as faxes.
Location of works, place of delivery supplies or performance: IFMEM - IFPS CHRU de Tours 37170 Chambray-les-tours
Before founding Milagro, Wagner was the helmsman at two companies dedicated to that same objective: Execucom Systems Corporation, where he launched a spreadsheet precursor called IFPS, and Collaborative Technologies Corporation, where he developed a program called VisionQuest that enabled a room full of people to share and evaluate ideas and come away with complete documentation of all discussion items and decisions.