IFPTInvista Foundation Property Trust (UK)
IFPTInternational Finance Participation Trust (Canada)
IFPTInstitute of Fish Processing Technology (University of the Philippines)
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Input: the m size updating script and the old image Output: the modified program image; (1) Initialization IFpt; (2) foreach the updating command C in the updating script; (3) switch C /*NewAddr/OldAddr, StAddr, InsAddr see in Algorithm 3 */ (4) case REPLACE: (5) overwrite codes located in StAddr with the new one; (6) case MOVE: (7) move the common block form OldAddr into NewAddr; (8) case DELETE: (9) write "jmp $ + size" into StAddr; (10) case INSERT: (11) store the i'function in RAM with IFpt; (12) write "call # IFpt" into InsAddr; (13) IFpt = IFpt + size; (14) end The (S - n)th un-LCS block owns the highest address among all inserted blocks within the current RBG.
Invista entered exclusive negotiations on 20 January with Invista Foundation Property Trust (LON:IFD), or IFPT, Invista European Real Estate Trust (LON:IERE) and Invista managers led by Duncan Owen, subject to conditions including due diligence, legal documentation, employees consent and other approvals, the vendor said in a press release.