IFPWAInternational Federation of Public Warehousing Associations (est. 1973)
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Let [MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] be two collections of IFVs, [T.sub.j] = [[PI].sup.j-1.sub.k=1]S([[alpha].sub.k]) (j = 2,...,n), [T.sub.1] = 1 and S([[alpha].sub.k]) is the score of IFV [[alpha].sub.k], then, IFPWA([[alpha].sub.1] [direct sum] [[beta].sub.1], [[alpha].sub.2] [direct sum] [[beta].sub.2],..., [[alpha].sub.n] [direct sum] [[beta].sub.n]) = IFPWA ([[alpha].sub.1], [[alpha].sub.2],..., [[alpha].sub.n]) [direct sum] IFPWA ([[beta].sub.1], [[beta].sub.2],..., [[beta].sub.n]).
IFPWA ([[alpha].sub.1] [direct sum] [[beta].sub.1], [[alpha].sub.2] [direct sum] [[beta].sub.2],..., [[alpha].sub.n] [direct sum] [[beta].sub.n]) = IFPWA ([[alpha].sub.1], [[alpha].sub.2],..., [[alpha].sub.n]) [direct sum] IFPWA ([[beta].sub.1], [[beta].sub.2],..., [[beta].sub.n]).
Based on the IFPWA operator and the geometric mean, here we define an intuitionistic fuzzy prioritized weighted geometric (IFPWG) operator.
Then, we utilize the IFPWA (or IFPWG) operator to develop an approach to multi-criteria decision making under intuitionistic fuzzy environment, the main steps are as follows:
Aggregate the intuitionistic fuzzy values [r.sub.ij] for each alternative [x.sub.i] by the IFPWA (or IFPWG) operator:
Based on the IFPWA operator, the main steps are as follows.
The optimal decision have changed the sort result by the IFPWG operator is different from that by the IFPWA operator.