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IFRInstrument Flight Rules (aviation)
IFRInternational Financing Review (Thomson Financial Limited, London, UK)
IFRInstitut Fédératif de Recherche (Research's Federative Institute)
IFRInternational Federation of Robotics
IFRInternational Finals Rodeo
IFRInternational Financial Review
IFRInterrupt Flag Register
IFRInstrumented Flux Return
IFRInterleaved Frame Recording (Video)
IFRIn Frame Response
IFRIn-Flight Report
IFRInterior Furniture Resources (Harrisburg, PA)
IFRInduced Field Ratio
IFRIntrinsic Failure Rate (reliability engineering)
IFRInitiative for Fiduciary Responsibility
IFRInsurance and Financial Review (State Farm)
IFRIssued for Review
IFRInjury Frequency Ratio (OSHA)
IFRInternational Fantasy Regulation (Bulwer-Lytton Fiction Contest)
IFRInstitute of Finance Research (Vietnam)
IFRIndirect Fractal Resolution
IFRIntegrated Functional Representation
IFRInterference-Fading Resistance
IFRItem for Review
IFRInstant Failure Rate
IFRInfield Fly Rule (baseball)
IFRIdeal Final Result (problem solving)
IFRIncreasing Failure Rate
IFRInternal Floating Roof (storage tanks)
IFRInterim Financial Reporting (accounting)
IFRInstitut für Religionspolitologie eV (Duisburg, Germany)
IFRInstitute for Fisheries Resources
IFRInternational Fleet Review
IFRInterface Repository (CORBA)
IFRInstitute of Food Research (UK)
IFRIn-Flight Refueling
IFRInfrared Receiver
IFRInstitute for Fisheries Research
IFRIntegral Fast Reactor (nuclear reactor)
IFRInherently Flame Retardant
IFRIndoor Firing Range
IFRInitial Flight Release (aviation)
IFRInterim Final Rule (FDA)
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The IFR 4000 allows accurate measurement of VHF/UHF transmitter frequency, output power, modulation (AM and FM) and receiver sensitivity, VHF/UHF antenna and/or feeder Standing Wave Ratio (SWR).
You're right that we'll need to be more cognizant of the need to cancel IFR as soon as possible, but we also have to be careful not to cancel too early.
But there are two additional pieces of information you need before criticizing my decision to file IFR on this trip and deciding whether I was reasonable to do so.
As for staying IFR current in a VFR-only aircraft, that's easy.
The IFR Awards recognize corporate and individual success in the global financial industry.
The budget-busting gotcha with IFR upgrades (and VFR upgrades, too) is the accessories that might be required to support the installed equipment.
The IFR Asia 2014 Awards ceremony is scheduled in February 2014 in Hong Kong.
The daily IFR “brain-teasers” and lunch will take place at Hartzell's IFR Proficiency Center, located immediately south of show center on the flight line.
The bonds mature in 10 and a half years and are callable after five and a half years, according to IFR.
Under the finalised rule and the initial IFR, air cargo entities are now able to apply to become a Certified Cargo Screening Facility (CCSF).