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IFREMERl'Institut Francais de Recherché Pour l'Exploitation de La Mer (French: French Research Institute for Exploitation of the Sea)
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Based on samples taken in July, Ifremer expects another bumper catch next season.
Besides the compulsory sanitary controls (EU Directives-Hygiene package), oyster quality in the main basins is regularly tested within the framework set up by Ifremer to monitor oyster growth (Fleury et al.
However, according to the IFREMER researcher, an 80% reduction is necessary.
One demonstration earlier this year was carried out with a scientific payload to perform data acquisition: The payload, provided by IFREMER, consisted of a CTD (Conductivity, Temperature, Depth) and an ADCP (Acoustic Depth Current Profiler).
The 1,500th floating beacon has been put into service under an international research programme called Argo, which now claims to be the leading source of information on what is happening within our oceans, according to the French Institute for the exploration of the sea (Ifremer).
Birds have been identified as the species worst affected by the oil slick following the loss of the tanker Erika off the Brittany coast in December 1999, according to scientific experts gathered for a colloquium on the Erika staged on November 6 in Nantes by the French Research Institute on the exploitation of the sea (IFREMER).