IFRFInternational Flame Research Foundation
IFRFInternet Fax Routing Forum
IFRFInternational Financial Reporting Standards
IFRFInstitut Fédéral de Recherches Forestières
IFRFIndividual Flight Record Folder
IFRFInducing Features of Random Fields
IFRFInverse Frequency Response Function
IFRFIsing Ferromagnet in a Random Field
IFRFInstitutet för Rättsvetenskaplig Forskning
IFRFIntermediate Frequency/Radio Frequency
IFRFIn-Flight Re-Fueling
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Along with the selfless-service, IFRF also aims to spread its wings in order to provide for more and more children.
Food is the best medium to alter the consciousness and thereby the mind & intellect." By following all these values, IFRF wishes to improve its value of work and impart the same values to the children through the medium of food.
ISKCON Food Relief Foundation (IFRF), a not-for-profit organisation provides nutritious and hygienic food to 2.5 lakh children from more than two thousand schools.
"It is a great initiative by IFRF. They are doing wonderful philanthropic work by feeding school children and bringing in more students in the school to study," said Siamwala.
We, the Oberoi Group will definitely support IFRF in whichever way we can to ensure that this initiative goes further and bring much more smiles to the face of the children."
On observing the mid-day meals being prepared using the modern techniques, Malik said, "IFRF is doing a great selfless work in the social sector.
On a departing note, Malik said, "IFRF's work is unique and commendable.
The amazing CSR activity is the result of a joint collaboration by IOCL with HUDA (Haryana Urban Development Authority), MCF (Municipal Corporation of Faridabad), Ecogreen Energy and IFRF, Haryana.
With Act Social, one of the fastest growing cause marketing company as the program's implementing partner, ISKCON Food Relief Foundation (IFRF) shall endeavour to accelerate #ZEROHUNGERHARYANA as a state wise and then a country wise program.
The word "Annamrita" means 'food as pure as nectar' and IFRF, Haryana justifies the same through its virtuous work of providing nutritious food full of mother's warmth to the underprivileged children.
Over the course of time, many notable figures have been a part of IFRF's noble cause.
The MLA was greeted by the vice-chairman of IFRF Haryana, Dhananjaya Krishna Das.