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IFRIInternational Forestry Resources and Institutions (University of Michigan)
IFRIInstitut Français de Relations Internationales (French foreign relations organisation)
IFRIInternational Forensic Research Institute (Florida International University)
IFRIInternational Financial Risk Institute
IFRIInland Fisheries Research Institute (Philippines)
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L'armee de Terre face au terrorisme, Focus strategique [n.sup.o]68 (Paris: IFRI, June 2016).
Dominique Moisi, a professor at Linstitut d'etudes politiques de Paris (Sciences Po), is Senior Adviser at the French institute for international Affairs (IFRI) and a visiting professor at King's college London.
Vivien Pertusot, of the international relations think tank Ifri, said the Franco-British political relationship had never been defined by the European Union, but is based on bilateral interests.
3- Seggwis dregh s ANFGOU a yul inw ayd agh tgid amazir Yuf agh ifri anecti d ittghiman mind i Depuis que je suis descendu a ANFGOU, mon coeur est desole Je regrette ma grotte-cachette, face a ce spectacle ecœurant.
Mr Hollande's friendlier approach toward Mr Putin has the potential to prevent Russia's relationship with the European Union "from going to the dogs," Tatiania Kastueva-Jean of the French Institute of International relations or IFRI said.
The President was bombarded with questions on the Philippines' territorial dispute with Beijing shortly after he delivered a policy speech at the French Institute of International Relations (IFRI) here Thursday night (early Friday in Manila).
Pour L'Opinion, "Erdogan a pris une lecon, mais ce n'est pas une fin de regne", car selon Dorothee Schmid, specialiste de la Turquie a l'Institut francais des relations internationales (IFRI), "tous les partis de l'opposition etaient presents (dans les manifestations) mais ils etaient loin d'avoir un discours commun".
Paris and Brussels: Institut Francais de Relations Internationales (IFRI).
In the seminar at the Bosporus Institute, Thierry de Montbrial, director of the French Institute of International Relations, (IFRI) drew a very urgent picture of Europe.
[23.] Harbo, Florentina, "Moldova: A Status Quo of EU Institutional Relations", Note de l Ifri--South-East Europe, March 2010, ifri.org.