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Jinn can be classified into 'Amir, Ruh, demon, Marid, and Ifrit (El-Zein 142-43).
During the excursion, the brothers meet a young sexually insatiable woman who is kidnapped at her wedding night by a djinni, an ifrit. (4) The woman with unusual sexual appetite threatens to kill the brothers, if they refuse to have sex with her.
Exquisite Captive is the first novel in the 'Dark Passage' trilogy set in Arjinna, the land of the jinni casts: the Ghan Aisouri, Marid, Djan, Shaitan and Ifrit. The world of Arjinna, and the conflict that engulfs this fantastical world, is described in colourful detail especially how the war extends to and impacts on the elite of modern Hollywood.
In the four series of glass paintings--the first having been called "Sinbad," 2008, followed by the equally Orientalizing titles "Perizade," "Ifrit," and Abdallah" for the subsequent series (all 2010)--Riehrer seems merely to arrest (rather than to paint) the arbitrary flows of highly liquefied enamel in various, apparently random morphologies and chromatic constellations on rectangular glass sheets.
The jinn and two of their sub-species, namely marid and ifrit, are the only kinds of spiritual entities mentioned in the Qur'an.
Bref, pour le reste du parcours, limitons-nous a noter, en effet, que la deduction n'a pas ete vaine et que la nuit 602, non seulement existe chez Burton, mais que l'episode qui lui correspond possede un titre presque identique a celui que Cansinos-Assens choisira plus tard pour la nuit 363 de sa versions: "The King's Son and Ifrit's Mistress" (3-4: 2229-31).
This is the story about the merchant who angers an 'ifrit. It combines all the elements that will recur so charmingly in the later stories--the speed and sense of mystery which draw the reader in and the feeling of suspense, combined with unexpected transitions, that give it a surreal atmosphere.