IFRRInternational Federation of Renal Registries
IFRRInsurance Fraud Research Register (database)
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In the absence of prospective clinical trials that follow women over a long time to assess egg donation's risks, the IFRR is one of the few ways we can track women to determine the longer-term dangers.
The IFRR for this option is 28% and the simple payback period 3.51 years.
It contains the 1995 Insurance Fraud Research Register (IFRR), a bibliography of published articles and working papers, and references to other sites in law enforcement and crime prevention.
With respect to the other indicator of financial profitability; the internal financial rate of return (IFRR), only two projects, namely Fertilizer-I and Cement-I have an IFRR greater than the cut-off rate of 20 percent.
"The project is neither financially nor economically viable with an IFRR of 3.93 per cent and 6.98 per cent with and without infrastructure and IERR of 6.76 per cent.
The internal financial rate of return (IFRR), according to the study, works out as 31.49, and the payback period as 2.42 years.