IFSAInternational Foreign Students Association (Japan)
IFSAInstitute for Study Abroad
IFSAInternational Fuzzy Systems Association
IFSAInvestment and Financial Services Association (Australia)
IFSAInternational Frequency Sensor Association
IFSAInternational Farming Systems Association
IFSAInternational Financial Services Association
IFSAInertial Fusion Sciences and Applications
IFSAInternational Flight Services Association
IFSAIllinois Fire Safety Alliance
IFSAInternational Free Skiers Association
IFSAInflight Food Service Association
IFSAInternational Federation of Strength Athletes
IFSAInternational Financial Services Authority
IFSAIran Freedom Support Act of 2006
IFSAInternational Freestyle Skaters Association
IFSAIrish Federation of Sea Anglers
IFSAInternational Fire Sprinkler Association
IFSAIntumescent Fire Seals Association
IFSAIthaca Free Software Association (New York)
IFSAInternational Federation of Sports Acrobatics
IFSAInternational Furniture Suppliers Association
IFSAInternational Forestry Student Association
IFSAInternational Faculty and Staff Affairs
IFSAInternational Forest Students' Association
IFSAInternal Family Systems Association
IFSAInternational Foundation for Social Adaptation
IFSAInstitut Français de Sécurité Aérienne (French: French Institute for Aviation Safety)
IFSAInternational Funeral Science Association
IFSAItalian Flight Safety Association
IFSAIslamic Forum for Science and Arts (UK)
IFSAInternational Financial Sector Authority (Antigua and Barbuda)
IFSAInternational Forensic Strategic Alliance
IFSAIowa Financial Services Association
IFSAInternational Freestyle Snocross Association (Belding, MI)
IFSAIdaho Funeral Service Association
IFSAInternational Federation of Shipmasters' Associations
IFSAIdaho Financial Services Association
IFSAIn-Flight Sleep Analysis
IFSAInternational Freestyle Sports Association
IFSAIndiana Fire Sprinkler Association
IFSAInternet Fax Study Association
IFSAInstitute of Family Studies Annual
IFSAInstitut für Soziale Arbeit eV
IFSAIron Fireman SA (Pty) Ltd. (South Africa)
IFSAIllinois Fire Sprinkler Association
IFSAInternal Food Safety Auditor
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On the other hand, Oindrila Basu, IFSA representative, underscored that youth inclusion in decision-making not only recognizes and encourages their voice and action, but also instills in them a sense of responsibility to the cause of the planet and accountability toward the decisions taken.
It is an honor to select the IFSA as our Charity for this event.
Bu ifsa eylemi, "ataerkilligin yeniden takviye bicimlerini desifre etmek uzere genisletilmeye ve bu takviyenin politik bir sorun haline getirilmesine muhtactir" (Ozugurlu, 2012: 130).
In a statement to Bursa Malaysia on 27 April, MAA Group confirmed that he Minister of Finance of Malaysia had, by a letter from BNM dated 27 April 2016, approved the proposed disposal of its 75 per cent equity interest in MAAT to Zurich under Section 101 of the IFSA. Solidarity received a separate letter of approval from BNM approving the proposed disposal of its equity interest in MAA Takaful to Zurich.
Ifsa Hussain I have mates from Birmingham and they are the kindest and most awesome people you could ever meet.
The transition period is to be offered until June 30 next year, and is intended to help Islamic institutions facilitate reclassification into Islamic deposits and investment accounts under the Islamic Financial Services Act (IFSA) 2013.
MANAMA: Arab Bank has won the "Best Trade Finance Provider award" in the Middle East from Global Finance Magazine at the Bankers' Association for Finance and Trade (BAFT) and the International Financial Services Association (IFSA) Global Annual Meeting held in London.
Arab Bank was recently honored with the 'Best Trade Finance Provider' award in the Middle East from Global Finance Magazine at the Bankers' Association for Finance and Trade (BAFT) and the International Financial Services Association (IFSA) Global Annual Meeting held in London.
Techniques to decrease reoperations include ultrasound assessment, cavity shave margins, touch preparation cytology, and intraoperative frozen section analysis (IFSA) [4-9].
IFS (STO: IFSA) (STO: IFSB) said that The Midcounties Co-operative has chosen IFS Applications to help its finance, HR and payroll departments become more efficient.