IFSACInternational Fire Service Accreditation Congress
IFSACInventory of Functional Status After Childbirth
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For the report, IFSAC analyzed data from just over 1,000 foodborne disease outbreaks that occurred from 1998 through 2013 to assess which categories of foods were most responsible for making people sick with Salmonella, E.
Updates to these estimates will enhance IFSAC's efforts to inform and engage stakeholders, and further their ability to assess whether prevention measures are working.
IFSAC was created in 2011 by three federal agencies-the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the U.S.
Data collection was performed using the Demographic Questionnaire (DQ), the 6th Week Assessment Form, IFSAC, and EPDS.
Inventory of Functional Status after Childbirth: IFSAC was developed by Fawcet et al.
Because IFSAC scores at the 6th postpartum month had a non-normal distribution, the Mann-Whitney U test was used for statistical analysis.
The IFSAC food categorization scheme provides more specific descriptions of the foods that cause outbreaks in the United States.
IFSAC is a collaboration among the CDC, USDA-FSIS, and FDA.
For more information on IFSAC, please visit the collaboration's website or email IFSAC at IFSAC@fda.hhs.gov.
While the commandant ultimately certifies all USACBRNS graduates, the instructional and testing processes have been accredited by IFSAC, which allows the commandant to provide separate and distinct DOD/IFSAC certificates and seals in addition to the USACBRNS graduation certificates.
Most students who earn a DOD certificate and IFSAC seal experience a sense of accomplishment.
Soldiers may prepare for and increase their success rate in these courses by completing online Hazmat Awareness Training and IFSAC certification at <https://afcesa.csd.disa.mil>.