IFSSRIntelligent Flash Solid State Recorder
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Then the IF-subspace (A,[[delta].sub.A]) is called an IF-semi-retract (IFSR, for short) (respectively, IF-preretract, IF-strongly semi-retract, and IF-semi-preretract) (resp., IFPreR, IFSSR IFSPR for short) of (X,[delta]) if there exists an IF-semicontinuous (resp., IF-precontinuous, IF-strongly semi-continuous, IF-semi-precontinuous) mapping r: (X,[delta])[right arrow](A,[[delta].sub.A])such that r(a)=a for all a [member of] A.
Then (A,[[delta].sub.A]) is said to be an IF-neighbourhood semi-retract (IF-nbd SR, for short) (resp., IF-nbd preretract, IF-nbd strongly semi-retract, IF-nbd semi-preretract) (IF-nbd PreR IF-nbd SSR, IF-nbd SPR, for short) of (X,[delta]) if (A,[[delta].sub.A]) is an IFSR (resp., IFPreR, IFSSR, IFSPR) of (Y,[[delta].sub.Y]) such that A [subset] Y [subset] X, [1.sub.Y] [member of][delta].