IFSWInternational Federation of Social Workers
IFSWInternational Film School Wales (UK)
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Rory Trull --General Secretary IFSW said that he is impressed with social workers who resist the occupation non-violently.
The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie Social Worker" was created and tubed (17) in March 2010, paralleling a time when Hong Kong's role in this future was emphasized by the IFSW.
As Corbin points out, international social work documents guide social worker practices differently, as evidenced by an emphasis on collectivism in the IFSW Code of Ethics compared to the NASW Code of Ethics, which frames issues as evolving from the individual to a larger social sphere.
IFSW is renowned worldwide for producing award-winning film-makers like Justin Kerrigan, director of cult movies Human Traffic and I Know You Know, and double Bafta-winner Asif Kapadia, who garnered two trophies for his film The Warrior.
The following are some statements that have been issued by the Raed Amira from the PUSWP, the petitioner Filipe Duarte and the IFSW Human Rights commissioner, which call for Munthe's immediate and unconditional release.
IFSW General Meeting 2004, Second draft document: Ethics in Social Work, Statement of Principles.
May 23-25: IFSW European Seminar: Social Work; Nicosia, Cyprus; www.
They are not a set of rules to be rigidly adhered to (Gray, 1995; IFSW and IASSW, 2004, para.
IFSW will meet in Munich, Germany in July while IASSW will meet in Santiago, Chile in August.
IFSW, which is part of the University of Wales, Newport, is a lead partner along with The Film Academy at the University of Glamorgan in the new venture.
Mr Russell, who is a visiting professor at IFSW, also enjoyed the many animation films, which featured amusing and dramatic storylines about everything from astronauts to killer robots.