IFTCIllinois Future Teacher Corps (scholarship program)
IFTCInternational Fire Training Centre (Durham, UK)
IFTCInvestors Fiduciary Trust Company (now State Street Corporation; Boston, MA)
IFTCInstitute for Training and Consulting AG (Zurich, Switzerland)
IFTCIndependent Film and Television College (Baghdad, Iraq)
IFTCInternational Film & Television Council
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Before launching the GFFN, The IFTC had initiated short and digital films festival made by Asian Academy of Film and Television (AAFT), documentary and fictional films festival created by Asian School of Media Studies (ASMS) and We Care Films Festival devoted to disabilities and allied issues.
Sercos Gary Watson, IFTC business operations manager, said: ICAO Associate Membership status not only reaffirms our position as one of the worlds leading aviation training fire centres, but more importantly assures our global customers that we meet rigorous international standards in terms of the quality of our training provision.
IFTRC is supported by other organizations like ICFF, IPBF, and IFTC.
Based here since 1981, when the airport was known as Teesside Airport, IFTC now trains more than 10,000 firefighters a year.
Alonzo Baldwin, one of the UN fire officers on the course, commented: The way IFTC can combine theoretical training with a full blown exercise makes it a truly world-class facility in firefighting.
CAE , Baltic Aviation Academy, IFTC Istanbul, Embraer, Boeing Flight Training & Simulation.
This marks the first Level D qualification under JAA for both IFTC and Mechtronix.
The IFTC is internationally renowned for its aviation, off shore, and industrial fire training courses and this contract award continues to develop Serco's reputation as an international leader in its field.
Serco has been investing heavily in new equipment, technology and resources at IFTC to further enhance the overall customer experience.
IFTC is unique because it is the only UK company approved by the UK Civil Aviation Authority to teach airport firefighters and was established in Teesside in 1981.