IFTRInternational Federation for Theatre Research
IFTRInstitute of Fundamental Technological Research
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"It's a great thing that they are doing for us and we are indeed grateful for the wonderful iftr today for which, I am glad, we don't have to pay," Mohammed Ismail, 28, an Indian labourer told XPRESS at the Al Quoz camp, a venue of a handout this week.
Siddiqui, a popular legislator, who initiated the meeting, said: ""It was nice to see the two of them greet each other at the Iftr. They embraced each other and even shook hands.
Here are some common mistakes related to Suhoor (the predawn meal) and Iftr (the meal with which the fast is broken) that most people overlook or are unaware of, that affect the outcome of their fasting during Ramadan: lEating or drinking even after the call for Fajr (Dawn) prayer Some people are under the misconception that it is permissible to continue to eat until the Mu'aththin (person calling the Athn; caller to prayer) says the words: "Hayya "ala al-falh"A[yen].
'Abdullh ibn 'Umar (radhiallah 'anhu) for example, would prefer to eat his Iftr meal with the poor.
IFTR AVELLINGfrom AustraliatoBritain isstrenuousforahumanathlete, j ust imaginewhatitislikeforaracehorse.
Elle a occupe un nombre de fonctions en Allemagne: elle a ete a la tete de l'association allemande du theatre entre 1991 et 1996, et la federation internationale de la recherche theatrale IFTR entre 1995 et 1999.
The publication is a product of the African Theatre and Performance working group of the International Federation for Theatre Research (IFTR).
The Intermediality Working Group of the International Federation of Theatre Research (IFTR) is responsible for a couple of the most significant efforts to articulate the dense and diversified conceptualization surrounding the term "intermediality" in the twenty-first century.
(3.) Third Wave Feminism was the third in a series of conferences organized through the Institute for Feminist Theory and Research (IFTR) at the University of Exeter.
Brian Singleton's paper for the IFTR Helsinki conference, "Reading Les Atrides Intertextually: An Act of Productive Reception," and Georges Baal's information and paper, "Author les Atrides," have also been helpful sources.
Now, work being done at the Institute of Fundamental Technological Research (IFTR), Polish Academy of Sciences, holds promise that metal bending will soon become as commonplace as other laser capabilities have become.