IFTSI Feel the Same
IFTSIndemnité Forfaitaire pour Travaux Supplémentaires (French: Lump Sum for Extra Work)
IFTSInformation Fair Trader Scheme (UK)
IFTSImaging Fourier Transform Spectrometer
IFTSInstitut de la Filtration et des Techniques Séparatives (French: Institute of Filtration and Separation Techniques)
IFTSInstitut de Formation Technique Supérieur (France)
IFTSI'll Follow the Sun (Beatles song)
IFTSIndiana Firefighter Training System
IFTSIntegrated Federal Telecommunications System
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These laboratory tests are usually conducted using a base reference grade diesel fuel that is free of solid contaminants or biodiesel but is blended with a specified surfactant (surface-active agent) such as monoolein, which alters the fuel's inter-facial tension (IFT); the water separability of such fuels can also be measured using a sedimentation test (ASTM D1401).
In a vehicle fuel tank, where agitation is minimal, water and diesel can form a single interface because the liquids are immiscible, and the IFT is measured at the interface surface.
The complement [A.sup.c] of an IFOS A in an IFTS (X, [tau]) is called an intuitionistic fuzzy closed set (IFCS in short) in X.
[4] Let (X, [tau]) be an IFTS and A = {x, [[mu].sub.A], [v.sub.A]) be an IFS in X.
Comtech Mobile Datacom Corporation (CMDC), the Maryland-based subsidiary of Comtech Telecommunications Corp (NASDAQ:CMTL) announced on Monday that it has received a contract, for the upgrade of the NATO International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) Force Tracking System (IFTS), worth USD1.2m.
CMDC said that it is developing key enhancements to provide interoperability with other nations for the currently fielded IFTS, adding that it is also providing an upgrade to its GeoOps software platform, the central software application in ANTS, that includes Geospatial Information Systems (GIS), Situational Awareness (SA), system security components and command and control (C2) features.
CMDC's contract supports Globecomm Systems International on the project to upgrade the current IFTS by increasing the ISAF FTS track capacity and incorporate feeds from the Afghan National Tracking Systems (ANTS) and the ISAF Movement Visibility System (MVS).
I also discussed with the IFTs the plan to remove the batteries once on deck.
Joined by an in-flight technician (IFT), as the required safety observer, I checked the lighting-battery charger.
A notable development in a number of countries around the world is the everyday use of IFT for general-purpose payments using money held in accounts at banks.
Admittedly, questions can be raised as to whether expert judgments on students' drawing abilities based on CDAT drawings could differ very much from one visual artist to another and whether using a different pair of experts could result in a different classification of students for drawing-ability group comparison in the choice of IFT figures.