IFTUIraqi Federation of Workers' Trade Unions
IFTUIn-Flight Target Update
IFTUIntensive Flying Trials Unit
IFTUIntelligence Formal Training Unit
IFTUIn-Flight Trajectory Update
IFTUI Find This Useful
IFTUInstrument Flying Training Unit (Royal Air Force)
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Along with Chief Lee, the enlisted intelligence functional manager for the major command, they have been successful in incorporating air domain knowledge into technical school training and even established an air IFTU within the command.
At the IFTU branch in the state of Andhra Pradesh, Manam serves as the union's vice president and also advises the Visakhapatnam Slum Dwellers Welfare Association (SDWA).
In 1928 he was deposed as IFTU president largely because of his persistent leftism in regard to Russia and western imperialism in China and India.
For Iftu, the engine of the boat he was on had failed in the middle of the sea, and he returned to Djibouti's shore for two days, where he stayed on a beach with no food or water.
Raytheon has now completed Griffin C's development phase linking the new dual-mode seeker, data link and IFTU.
(557) Other than the IFTU's formal protest to the United Nations in August 2005, (558) there has been remarkably little backlash against these constitutional limitations.
At the same time, two other delegations also stayed in Moscow, who represented the left wing of the IFTU or, more precisely, the Italian Trade Union Federation and the British TUC (Trade Union Congress).
Adris Abbas was an activist in the Transport and Communications Union, another IFTU affiliate.
The IFTU's veteran organizers, however, who survived Saddam Hussein's regime underground or in exile, have reorganized since its fall.
Calhoun's coverage of this short period is a detailed account based on a painstaking review of minutes of meetings of the committee, the politburo, IFTU, RILU and the TUC, as well as contemporary media commentaries from both Britain and Russia.
Its existence led to the International Federation of Trade Unions (IFTU), the ICFTU's predecessor, and thus it laid the foundations of international trade union co-operation.