IFVInfantry Fighting Vehicle
IFVInstitut Français de la Vigne et du Vin (French: French Institute of the Vine and Wine)
IFVIncisive Formal Verifier (Cadence)
IFVInnerschweizer Fussballverband (Swiss soccer league)
IFVInstitut Français de Varsovie (French: French Institute of Warsaw; Warsaw, Poland)
IFVInstitut Français de Vienne (French: French Institute in Vienna; Vienna, Austria)
IFVIn Ferro Veritas (Latin: In the Sword is Truth; fencing organization and motto)
IFVIllini Film and Video (University of Illinois)
IFVIraqi Freedom Veteran
IFVInstitut Français de Valence (French: French Institute of Valencia; Valencia, Spain)
IFVIntermediate Fighting Vehicle
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CTA 40 mm ammunition available to date (the programme originally involved a 45 mm calibre and has since expanded to test several other calibres) includes an APFSDS-T more than capable of neutralising any current IFV, and what is described as a General Purpose (GP) round.
As mentioned elsewhere in these pages, the 105 mm L7/M68 rifled tank gun series remains a highly efficient anti-armour weapon and, thanks to low recoil mountings, can be readily installed in numerous existing IFV chassis.
The IFV consists of different organizational units.
Although assessed with a Rheinmetall Lance 30 mm turret, production Boxer IFVs for Lithuania will be equipped with an Elbit UT-30 Mk 2 turret armed with a 30 mm cannon, a 7.
PARIS -- InfoVista (Euronext: IFV, ISIN: FR0004031649) global leader of service performance assurance, today announced that it would report its second quarter fiscal year 2011 results on January 27, 2011 and hold a corresponding conference call on the same day at 9.
PARIS -- InfoVista (Euronext: IFV, ISIN: FR0004031649), the leading provider of Service Performance Assurance solutions, today announced its participation in the Oddo Midcap Forum.
PARIS -- InfoVista (Euronext: IFV, ISIN: FR0004031649), global leader of Proactive Service Performance Assurance solutions, today announced that its annual Shareholders' Meeting will be officially convened on November 29, 2010 and subsequently held on December 15, 2010, at 10:30 CET in the morning, at the registered office of the Company, 6 rue de la Terre de Feu, 91940 Les Ulis, France.
PARIS -- InfoVista (Euronext: IFV, ISIN: FR0004031649), a leading provider of Service Performance Assurance solutions, today announced its participation in the 40th Annual AeA Classic Financial Conference, presented by TechAmerica.
Besides, drivers competed in their skills on the BMP-2 IFV in difficult terrain covering 5.
The IFV development program includes a testing phase in Slovakia, and after the Slovakian test period the vehicle will be tested in Finland during this winter.
This is best defined by studying their application within the APC, ICV and IFV domains.
We have had eight failed IFV attempts to conceive since 2007.