IFVInfantry Fighting Vehicle
IFVInstitut Français de la Vigne et du Vin (French: French Institute of the Vine and Wine)
IFVIncisive Formal Verifier (Cadence)
IFVInnerschweizer Fussballverband (Swiss soccer league)
IFVInstitut Français de Varsovie (French: French Institute of Warsaw; Warsaw, Poland)
IFVInstitut Français de Vienne (French: French Institute in Vienna; Vienna, Austria)
IFVIn Ferro Veritas (Latin: In the Sword is Truth; fencing organization and motto)
IFVIllini Film and Video (University of Illinois)
IFVIraqi Freedom Veteran
IFVInstitut Français de Valence (French: French Institute of Valencia; Valencia, Spain)
IFVIntermediate Fighting Vehicle
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The Centauro was developed in parallel with the Ariete main battle tank and the Dardo IFV to equip the army's heavy combat forces and the Puma Veicolo Blindato Leggero (light armoured vehicle) family for its rapid deployment forces.
For example, The Indian MoD is in the process of modernizing its military including its armored vehicles fleet to strengthen its capabilities especially in the IFV segment - The analysts have placed a significant emphasis on the major industries that are driving the armored and counter IED vehicles market which will provide the user with a clear picture about the future opportunities that can be tapped, resulting in revenue expansion.
CTA 40 mm ammunition available to date (the programme originally involved a 45 mm calibre and has since expanded to test several other calibres) includes an APFSDS-T more than capable of neutralising any current IFV, and what is described as a General Purpose (GP) round.
Tenders are invited for European public procurement transport insurance by the IFV behalf of the following safety regions:- Gelderland-Midden
The review established that General Dynamics' baseline Ground Combat Vehicle IFV design has a reasonable expectation of being judged operationally effective and suitable.
InfoVista (Paris:IFV)(Euronext: IFV, ISIN: FR0004031649), a global leader of service performance assurance, today announced that it expects revenue for the fourth quarter and fiscal year 2011, to be approximately [euro]11.
The IFV segment is expected to account for XX % of the global armored and counter IED vehicles market, followed by the MBT segment with a share of XX %.
PARIS -- InfoVista (Euronext: IFV, ISIN: FR0004031649), global leader of service performance assurance, today announced that pursuant to the authorization granted by its Annual Shareholders meeting held on Dec.
InfoVista (Euronext: IFV, ISIN: FR0004031649), a leading provider of service performance assurance solutions, today announced its participation in the 12th Annual B.