IFWEInstitute for Faith, Work & Economics (McClean, VA)
IFWEInternational Forum for Women in E-learning
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At the fourth IFWE, Darcy Hardy and Ellen Wagner invited me to share a few words about my professional experience during their featured videoconference.
'I think it would be good for the club and the player ifwe could open negotiations over an extra year on his contract.'
The Federation of Indian Women Entrepreneurs (FIWE), an nongovernmental organization, is organizing the conference together with the International Federation of Women Entrepreneurs (IFWE).
Ifwe had parked in a disabled bay Iwould understand, but it''s a free car park - we parked in a normal bay, only one tyre was over, and there are nowhere near enough bays for people who need more space.
Streetsays: " Ifwe compare FrankeltoSeaThe StarsIthinkwehavealready mademoreofhimasa racehorse,asevidencedby the'DuelontheDowns'we didwithCanfordCliffsinthe QipcoSussexStakeslast yearwhichcreatedmassesof PR.
There's no real danger, ifwe keep the door shutwe're fine.
"And we have never been outclassed, so there's no reason ifwe go there and perform okay that this should be any different.
"There's a real desire here, and we will be very disappointed ifwe don't completewhatwe thinkwe can achieve.
"Ifwe had played the same way in the first half as we did after the break we would have won, it's as simple as that."
"It's a different culture and ifwe canmarry his culture to ours then we have a superb player there and he can adjust to England very well.
Ifwe can bring them to the club we'll be very delighted."
"But ifwe can keep it tight then it could be difficult for them with the kind of support they have.