IFZInstitut für Zeitgeschichte (German: Institute of Contemporary History)
IFZIndustrial Free Zone
IFZInternationale Fiscale Zaken (Dutch: International Tax Affairs; Netherlands)
IFZInstitut Français de Zagreb (French: French Institute of Zagreb; Zagreb, Croatia)
IFZInput Flushed to Zero
IFZIkarus Flieger Zentrum (German: Icarus Aviation Centre; flying)
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The publisher said those buying the book were "customers interested in politics and history as well as educators" and not "reactionaries or right-wing radicals." IfZ's director Andreas Wirchsing also added that the widespread re-release of the book hasn't led to a sudden rebirth of Hitler's staunchly racist and fascist politics.
(78.) "Denkschrift der bayerischen Reichswehr iiber die militarische Leitung des Bundes Bayern und Reich," NSDAP Hauptarchiv, MA 144/6, IfZ.
For instance, BHP Billiton's Mozal aluminium smelter and Kenmare's Moma mineral sands project have both been granted Industrial Free Zone (IFZ) status which makes them exempt from corporation tax, import duties, export duties and Value Added Tax while requiring payment of a 1% turnover tax.
"The IFZ signed an investment contract with Emar constructioncompany to set up a free zone to allow commercial activities in Awerej region,southern Baghdad," IFZ director Saleh Saleh al-Qeissi said in a statementreceived by Aswat al-Iraq news agency.
(1) Department of Animal Ecology & Systematics, Justus Liebig University Giessen, Heinrich-Buff-Ring 26-32 (IFZ), Giessen, 35392 Germany; roland.schultheiss@bio.uni-giessen.de, carina.marek@allzool.bio.uni-giessen.de, uboessneck@aol.com, christian.albrecht@allzool.bio.uni-giessen.de
When the Institute of Contemporary History (IFZ)--located in Munich--applied to reprint a scholarly edition of the work in 2009, the Bavarian state government, which owns the copyright, denied the request citing fears that it would rejuvenate "far right" groups (American Library Association).
Qualitative market research done by the Institute fur Zielgruppenkommunikation (IfZ, Germany) shows the great potential for the "Beauty from Within" concept in Europe and the USA.
The Munich-based Institute of Contemporary History (IfZ) has announced that Adolf Hitler's book Mein Kampf, banned from publication since World War II, is to be republished as an annotated version in Germany.
Geodynamic activity of the IFZ led to formation of several rhomboidal pull-apart depressions (basins), originating since the late Devonian up to the Tertiary, that nowadays form altogether so called South Sudetic Basin Suite (SSBS).
(75) Institut fur Zeitgeschichte (IfZ), Munich, Nurnberg document NO-3663, "Report on the Organization and Activity of Einsatzgruppe `D'" by Robert Barth, 8 Oct.