IG1International Group 1
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A maior similaridade floristica encontrada entre as areas IG1 e IG2 e as areas IG3 e IG4 deve ser consequencia da aproximacao geografica (Figura 1).
This possibility should be carefully considered in the case of maize androgenic embryos derived from ig1 mutants.
In the particular case of the ig1 gene in maize, the side effect of an increased frequency of androgenic embryos has been used in breeding to transfer germplasm (e.g., a male sterility conditioning cytoplasm) from one variety of maize to the cytoplasm of another variety (Kindiger & Hamann, 1993).
Second, in maize ig1 mutants, in vivo male-derived androgenic haploids are though to come from the embryogenic development of a sperm cell, a type of cell where in vitro embryogenesis induction has never been described.
This fact, together with other evidences that demonstrate the potential to produce MDEs of older pollen stages (Binarova et al., 1997) or even sperm cells, as in the maize ig1 mutants under in vivo conditions (see "Male-Derived Haploid Embryogenesis in the Embryo Sac"), suggests that further research in this and other stages could extend the current knowledge of male germ line totipotency and developmental plasticity.
A summary of the overall IG thickness of the ten units is as follows: IG Designation IG1 IG2 IG3 IG4 IG5 IG6 Overall Unit Thickness, mm 20.33 19.10 19.07 19.30 19.38 18.36 IG Designation IG7 IG8 IG9 IG10 Overall Unit Thickness, mm 19.55 18.14 18.72 18.82
IG6 showed the lowest surface temperature at that location and is very close to IG1, IG2, IG7, and IG10.
In the 1998 SIT Pathology Greenhouse test, KATY 1 and KATY had similar blast reactions: both were susceptible to isolates IB33 and IE1K and resistant to the other four isolates, IB1, IB49, IC17, and IG1.