IGAFI've Got A Feeling (Beatles song)
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In spite of its small number of aircraft and limited capability, the IgAF has contributed to this effort by undertaking praiseworthy reconnaissance missions involving the detection and pursuit of oil smugglers, thereby helping ground forces realize their objectives.
Similarly, the IgAF has benefited from US military aid and training in modern US reconnaissance aircraft capable of sending information and aerial images--night and day, under various weather conditions--to ground stations, units, and planes that conduct air strikes.
If we rule out the role of air defense at this stage, particularly for the IgAF, we will tend to acquire aircraft meant to provide CAS, including not only helicopters but also reconnaissance and remote-controlled planes equipped with systems for communicating with ground units.
We need effective coordination, joint cooperation, and dynamic interaction between the USAF and the IgAF on the one hand, and between the IgAF and US Army aviation on the other.
The IgAF needs more effective coordination and liaison at all levels with forces that specialize in combating terrorism, as well as with ground forces.
I have barely touched upon the subject of communications systems, but during my past four years in the new IgAF, working with the USAF, I have seen the importance of communications in command and control as well as in directing fire at the enemy.
Moore Colson is the Atlanta representative for IGAF Worldwide.