IGAPIllinois Goal Assessment Program
IGAPInternational Genomic Alzheimer's Project (various schools)
IGAPInternet Group membership Authentication Protocol
IGAPIndependent Group of Analytical Psychologists (UK)
IGAPImproved Governance and Accountability Pact (est. 2006)
IGAPInternational Global Aerosol Programme
IGAPInstitute of Grassland and Animal Production (UK)
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"All messages and even files in iGap have been encrypted and no one but you has access to them," Mohammad Rassoul Kazzemi, the manager and founder of iGap said.
Relativamente a influencia das habilitacoes academicas no mobbing, verifica-se a existencia de uma relacao estatisticamente significativa entre as habilitacoes academicas e o IGAP. Pode-se dizer que se aceita parcialmente a H2 para a variavel habilitacoes academicas e o IGAP, pois as diferencas estatisticas neste indice sao significativas.
(ed.), Le nuove chiese di Milano 1950-1960, Comitato per le Nuove Chiese--Arcivescovado di Milano, IGAP, 1962, 7-9.
"People are very forward-thinking and supportive in Wales" " The IGAP has said it hopes its work will identify proteins and other new targets for drug development, and provide genetic methods for determining which people are at greatest risk for Alzheimer's disease when preventative measures become available.
The two types of flaps from the gluteal region are the SGAP (superior gluteal artery perforator) and the IGAP (inferior gluteal artery perforator).
Entre los adaptados se destaca el cuestionario de Gonzalez de Rivera y Rodriguez-Abuin (2003) que es una adecuacion del Leymann Inventory of Psychological Terrorization (LIPT) al cual se le han anadido 15 conductas de acoso configurando el LIPT-60, este inventario agrega tres parametros globales para la medida del acoso psicologico: el IGAP (indice global de acoso), el IMAP (indice medio de acoso) y el NEAP (numero total de estrategias de acoso).
Ischial pressure sore reconstruction using an inferior gluteal artery perforator (IGAP) flap.
Esta nueva escala mide tres variables: 1) el numero total de estrategias de acoso psicologico (NEAP); 2) el indice global de acoso psicologico (IGAP); y 3) el indice medio de acoso psicologico (IMAP).
As Director of Pediatrics at the IGAP Institute she has written many articles on the effect of MiS Micro-Stimulation in systems for lying and sitting.
Ofrece tres indices de acoso: el numero total de estrategias de acoso (NEAP), el indice global de acoso psicologico (IGAP) y el indice medio de la intensidad de las estrategias de acoso (IMAP).