IGBAInternational Gloster Breeders Association
IGBAIthaca Green Building Alliance (Ithaca, NY)
IGBAInternational Government Benchmarking Association (est. 1992; various locations)
IGBAInternational Grav-Ball Association
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Bi eni la igba si meji Nigba ti amotekun ba pa eniyan Ira re a maa wo gerere nile Ni igbakugba ti o ba ya enu re gbooro.
When the IGBA was passed, the legislative intent of Congress was to target organized crime, however, as noted above, it has since been held that the IBGA prohibits the operation of illegal gambling businesses, regardless of any organized crime involvement.
La frecuencia de estos indicadores que conformaron un 43% de vacas con IGBA [mayor que o igual a] 120 puntos a la IA, aluden a un rebano con deficiente BA al momento de la IA, no obstante, el valor diagnostico de los indicadores favorables senalados para la reproduccion debe ser validado y revisado en un marco de manejo de buenas practicas para el BA.
Federal prosecutors argued that state law should determine what counts as a "gambling business" under IGBA, while the defendant, Lawrence Dicristina, said Congress had in mind a distinct federal definition.
The location of the studied communities for the prevalence of onchocerciasis along Ogun River System Villages Latitude Longitude Nearest Station of (N) (E) river location Lisa 7.21 3.29 Oyan Ogun Alamutu 7.42 3.29 Oyan Ogun Olokemeji 7.42 3.52 Ogun Ogun Atakan 7.42 3.49 Ogun Ogun Idi Ata 7.52 3.55 Ogun Oyo Ogunleke 7.51 3.56 Ogun Oyo Oyee 7.61 3.20 Ofiki Oyo Ago Iwafin 7.61 3.22 Ofiki Oyo Igba Odun 7.92 3.23 Ofiki Oyo Karimu 7.98 3.23 Ofiki Oyo Aba Bio 8.20 3.23 Ofiki Oyo Table 2.
(15.) Igba ti mo beere lowo Adeoti/E wa gbohun to tun wi, to fee maa faje e se/ Ile to lepo to loro ni Naijiria wa/Bo ti n san fun wara atora to/Gbogbo oja lo won to ju goolu/E ba je a tete sebe agba/Ke e je a bawon aje aye pata/Lojo epo ta a ni ba tun dimi eegun/Ki won o maa lebu epo kiri [120]/Ki won o se fayawo airi/Koja o wolu wa/Ko wa de gbogbo ile yu lorun.
In Igba Nkwa created shortly after graduate school at Iowa University, she uses rolls of clay coiled into circles and spirals two inches in diameter.
demonstrated that the Wire Act, the Travel Act, and the IGBA are necessary to protect public morals or maintain public order, but that it has not shown, that the prohibitions in IHA apply to both foreign and domestic service suppliers of remote betting services for horse racing and, therefore, IHA fails to satisfy the requirements of the chapeau.
Igba ti yi pada (times have changed) says a popular adage among the Yoruba people of south-western Nigeria.
One step was to invite all able-bodied townsmen in every part of the country back home for a covenant ritual (Igba Ndu).
International Government Benchmarking Association (IGBA)
It does, however, draw attention to the argument that from the ashes of myriad ethnic distinctions--Ibo, Ashanti, Igba, etc.--emerged the social construction of blackness, race and, importantly, difference.