IGBLInfantry Gravball League (online gaming)
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As noted, Frank Darling, owner of the NGBL Music Maids, was the IGBL president.
On Monday, January 12, 1953, the Omaha (Nebraska) World Herald reported that the IGBL, which operated for more than a month, had folded the day before.
The Miami Herald sports page articles for the IGBL from December 3, 1952, through January 9, 1953, were short and sweet.
The only promotions to stimulate attendance were Ladies' Nights, an exhibition game or two with local men's teams, and a clash between a team of IGBL All-Stars and the Fort Lauderdale Rockettes.
Since the IGBL was an experiment, a 60 to 80 game schedule would have been more sensible.
As the January 12,1953, Miami Herald article noted, the IGBL consisted of the cream of both women's Midwestern circuits.
* Persistence: Most students responded positively: 73 percent of students reported that they would take another IGBL course again.
* Learning outcomes: Students indicated that their IGBL course did a better or much better job (as compared to non-IGBL courses) of helping them achieve a variety of learning outcomes, including: having fun while learning (83 percent/73 percent); applying learning to new situations (81 percent/72 percent); staying engaged in learning (79 percent/73 percent); feeling involved in the college (69 percent/60 percent); working well with other students (67 percent/61 percent).