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IGBPInternational Geosphere-Biosphere Programme
IGBPIndo-German Bilateral Project
IGBPInterdisciplinary Society of Biological Psychiatry
IgBPImmunoglobulin-Binding Protein
IGBPInternational Geo-Biosphere Program
IGBPISRO (Indian Space Research Organization) Geosphere Biosphere Programme (Bangalore, India)
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Eddy thinks the enthusiasm for IGBP has been spurred by concerns about global changes, such as "greenhouse" warming, that may have been caused by human activity.
In the next few years, the council's committees will hash out the priorities of IGBP research, which is scheduled to begin in the 1990s and continue for at least a decade.
in the foreword to a recent NRC report entitled "Global Change in the Geosphere-Biosphere: Initial Priorities for an IGBP.