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IGBPInternational Geosphere-Biosphere Programme
IGBPIndo-German Bilateral Project
IGBPInterdisciplinary Society of Biological Psychiatry
IgBPImmunoglobulin-Binding Protein
IGBPInternational Geo-Biosphere Program
IGBPISRO (Indian Space Research Organization) Geosphere Biosphere Programme (Bangalore, India)
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The reason is that the features do not support the classes defined by the IGBP classification scheme.
The content in this document has been writing in base of the information and text available in the MRI Website and in the IGBP Report 49.
In the next few years, the council's committees will hash out the priorities of IGBP research, which is scheduled to begin in the 1990s and continue for at least a decade.
13) Paul Crutzen and Eugene Stoermer, "The Anthropocene," IGBP Newsletter 41 (May 2000): 17-18.
in the foreword to a recent NRC report entitled "Global Change in the Geosphere-Biosphere: Initial Priorities for an IGBP.
To build capacity and interest in global change research in developing countries, WCRP, IGBP, and IHDP launched an initiative called the Global Change System for Analysis, Research, and Training (START).
Entsprechend wurden auf internationaler Ebene und auf Initiative der Vereinten Nationen die Forschungsprogramme WCRP (1), IHDP (2), DIVERSITAS (3) und IGBP (4) eingerichtet.
Examples at the international level include the IGBP Transects (Koch et al.
His other high-profile national and international services include: member, National Academies Board on Atmospheric Sciences and Climate; cochair or member, three National Research Council Committees; cochair, Community Workshop and White Paper on lower-atmosphere observing facilities; honorary commander, 25th Operational Weather Squadron, Davis-Monthan Air Force Base, Tucson, Arizona; member, International CLIVAR Asian-Australian Monsoon Panel; panel member, NASA Earth Science Senior Review; member, AGU Publications Committee; cochair, Scientific Steering Committee of a State Key Laboratory in China; member, IGBP iLEAPS Program Development Team.
Don German Poveda representa a la Academia como Coordinador del Programa IGBP en Colombia; es el investigador principal del "PROGRAMA DE INVESTIGACION DE LA GESTION INTEGRAL DEL AGUA EN COLOMBIA" del grupo conformado por la Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Sede Medellin, la Universidad de Antioquia y el IDEAM.