IGBSInternational Graduate Business School (Zagreb, Croatia)
IGBSImplementable General Biasing Scheme
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Furthermore, the number of patients who had received two and three serial IGBs was not comparable with those who had received only one IGB, which may have diminished the statistical significance of some outcome measures.
Interim or definitive endoscopic procedures such as the intragastric balloon (IGB) may therefore offer less-invasive, reversible alternatives to effect weight loss in instances where lifestyle interventions have failed and/or the patient is not a candidate for bariatric surgery.
Over 98% and 91% of genes were affiliated with the domain Bacteria, and only 2% and 9% of genes were represented by Archaea for the SS and IGBS inoculums, respectively (Figures 1(a) and 1(b)).
The phylum Firmicutes (34% (SS) and 13% (IGBS)) was represented by Clostridia and Bacilli classes in both inoculums (Figures 1(a) and 1(b)).
Since the concept of IGB is still a relatively new and interdisciplinary field in the building industry, limited studies have been attempted to explore its benefits, market demands, and user acceptability toward IGB projects, meaning that the assessment for ICT-green technologies and strategies, namely IGB design strategies, is full of ambiguity and paradoxes (Chau et al.
The objective of this research is to apply a Kano two-dimensional quality model to classify feasible IGB design strategies into five categories, namely "Attractive", "One-dimensional", "Must-be", "Indifferent", and "Reverse", based on customers' preferences (Kano et al.
Additional monthly JGB purchases, in excess of the [yen] 72 trillion in IGBs that would have been purchased at the [yen] 1.2 trillion per month pace, total [yen] 34.8 trillion over the January 2008December 2012 period.
We report a patient who presented with an acute abdomen 7 months after the insertion of an intragastric balloon (IGB) and discuss the current literature.
Insertion of an IGB is an approved method of achieving weight loss in patients who do not meet the criteria for bariatric surgery.
The IGB insertion is usually considered to be an alternative therapy in overweight patients when diet and exercise alone fail (4).
The IGB can also be utilized as an effective first-stage treatment of high-risk, morbidly obese patients in need of surgical intervention.
The endoscopic intragastric balloon (IGB) was first proposed by Nieben and Harboe [5] in 1982.