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IGBTInsulated Gate Bipolar Transistor
IGBTIntegrated Gate Bipolar Transistor
IGBTImaging and Graphics Business Team
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CT-Concept Technologie AG is the leading supplier of IGBT drivers for mid- to high-power applications, such as industrial drives, renewable energy, traction and automotive equipment.
IR's Gen8 IGBT platform offers a superior technology targeting industrial applications.
The high-quality IGBT cooling plates will be manufactured at Dana's facility in Cambridge, Ontario, with production expected to begin in early 2015.
The key drivers of the IGBT and Thyristor ecosystem are: aging power Infrastructure in developed geographical regions, demand replacement, increasing number of offshore wind farm and the government incentivization to establish HVDC grid, de-carbonization of power system and deployment of smart grid.
The new low V CE(sat) L5 family is available in 30A and 75A current classes as single IGBT and co-packed with Infineon s ultrafast Rapid 1 and Rapid 2 silicon diodes.
We encourage our customers to also look at our optically isolated drivers and our high current IGBT drivers to use with these modules.
To order this report: Global IGBT Market 2014-2018 http://www.
The Global IGBT and Thyristor Market by application is in its growth stage, however, it contains a great potential across many industry verticals.
Featuring very low switching and conduction losses, IR's new 600V Gen 7 F Trench IGBTs are optimized for motor drive applications operating below 10kHz to deliver best-in-class efficiency," said Llewellyn Vaughan-Edmunds, IGBT Product Marketing Manager, IR's Energy Saving Products Business Unit.
com/research/49zrg7/china_igbt_industr) has announced the addition of the "China IGBT Industry Report, 2011-2012" report to their offering.
Infineon Technologies AG expands its discrete IGBT portfolio for high power applications introducing the TO-247PLUS package.