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The major thrust of the IGCD was to promote self governing community organizations that would be capable of enhancing their access to resources and thereby promoting cottage industries, strengthening agriculture extension and veterinary services to supplement household income during the construction phase of the Melamchi Diversion Scheme.
MWSDB thought that if IGCD successfully implements the project it gained the trust from the local community for the construction of larger water supply project.
Many approaches and goals were similar to or complement issues emerged in the IGCD and the DDC/LGP management had given indications that co-operation is highly desirable within the framework of the Melamchi Project.
In course of implementation of IGCD several, disagreements and debates emerged among the political parties, MWSDB, LGP and DDC at the local level which was not anticipated at the time of project design.
Nepali Congress wanted publicity of this programme in the name of Melamchi Water Supply Project but UML had hesitation to link with IGCD with MWSP.
The Board was, therefore, sensitive to the political results (benefits and loss) that the IGCD could bring.
In addition to the prime minister's attempt to gain extra leverage in the IGCD meetings through the presence of his representative, there was another important process under way.
For the senior bureaucrat below, the vertical accountability inherent in IGCD's being subject to ministers and to the democratic process across Australia is an important characteristic of the system.
It' s OK for the PM to say we'll have this national committee, but [state and territorial] jurisdictions had a number of views to the contrary and basically it boils down to who is held accountable for policy and working in the public sector--that's obviously our political masters, and premiers and cabinets--and you know they are quite willing to get advice but at the end of the day they are held accountable, and I think part of the IGCD role is to obviously deal with ministers ...
Another senior member of the ANCD concurred on the impact of the intrusion of the ANCD to the IGCD:
The IGCD, it certainly has a lot of power and input into the MCDS.
In the face of criticism from evaluators, the tendency has been to see the complex drug policy advisory apparatus--the IGCD, MCDS and national expert advisory committees--as the source of governance problems.