IGDBInstitute of Genetics and Developmental Biology (est. 2001; Chinese Academy of Sciences; Beijing, China)
IGDBIrish Guide Dogs for the Blind
IGDBInternet Games Database (website)
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The distribution of glazing thickness is based on the distribution of glazing thicknesses found in the IGDB (IGDB 2016) as illustrated in Figure 6 and listed in Table 6.
IGDB = 2.167 , the local background generate more interference (SDLB = 0.625).
The IGDB claims to be the internet's first professionally-researched online videogaming database with support from all major publishers and developers.
These data are readily available (e.g., IGDB 2008).
IGDB chief Padraig Mallon said: "The New York branch has done incredible work.
Glazing Configuration Glazing ID* D (mm) Tsol [Rsol.sub.1] [Rsol.sub.2] 890 5.7 0.801 0.069 0.069 N/A 12.7 927 5.6 0.447 0.408 0.281 Glazing ID* Tvis [Rvis.sub.1] [Rvis.sub.2] 890 0.883 0.076 0.076 N/A 90% Argon/10% Air gas fill 927 0.739 0.149 0.168 Glazing ID* [e.sub.1] [[epsilon].sub.2] 890 0.840 0.840 N/A 927 0.034 0.840 * Glazing ID refers to the glazing ID of a glass in the International Glazing Data Base, or IGDB (LBNL 2001).
The 48c issue marked the 30th anniversary of the Irish Guide Dogs for the Blind (IGDB).