IGDEIdiopathic Gait Disorder of the Elderly
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Ja o manejo dos recursos do IGD e IGDE pelas secretarias municipal e estadual de assistencia social era pouco transparente e nem sempre havia clareza sobre o montante financeiro ou sobre os prazos para o repasse.
Changes in reproductive behaviors during the time period of PCB emissions, including changes in average numbers of children (parity), maternal age at birth, and breastfeeding versus not breast-feeding, may further enhance or reduce IGDE. Body burden variability within a population has been attributed to age (Bergonzi et al.
In the present study, our objectives were to quantitatively determine the extent of prenatal, postnatal, and lifetime exposure relative to atmospheric emissions assuming both hypothetical constant and historical time-variant emissions, and to evaluate the impact of reproductive characteristics on IGDE. To accomplish this, we used the CoZMoMAN model (Breivik et al.
In other words, because of IGDE, the health repercussions of PCB exposures will span several generations but may manifest differently in each generation depending upon the timing of their exposure.
Contributions of reproductive behaviors to IGDE under constant emissions.
Byline: Fusun Artiran Igde and Mustafa Kursat Sahin
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Byline: Mustafa Fevzi Dikici, Fusun Yaris, Fusun Artiran Igde, Fulya Yarar, Oznur Altuntas and Aysenur Alper Gurz
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