IGEOInternational Geography Olympiad (competition)
IGEOInteractions by 2d Gel Electrophoresis Overlap (academic writing)
IGEOInternational Geoscience Education Organisation
IGEOItalian Group for the Evaluation of Outcomes in Oncology
IGEOIdaho Geographic Education and Outreach (University of Idaho)
IGEOInternational Gender and Education Office (UNESCO)
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To stand out in iGeo, the contestants must be knowledgeable in a wide variety of fields, including history, geography, biology, and engineering, said Wu Bing-sheng, assistant professor of the NTNU Department of Geography and leader of the Taiwan team.
In this study, the Igeo and EF have been applied to evaluate the legacy of Cu, Pb and Zn contamination in the soils of the abandoned San Carlos Mining Company area and its surroundings.
Geoaccumulation index (Igeo) was used to quantify the degree of pollution for each sampling point [16].
Abbreviations: CA: coefficient of aggregation; DMS: Degrees, minutes, seconds; GIS: Geographical Information System; GPS: Global Positioning System; ICNF: Instituto da Conservacao da Natureza e das Florestas; IGEO: Informacao Geografica; IUCN: International Union for Conservation of Nature; SAC: Special Area of Conservation; WGS84: World Geodetic System, 1984.
The computation of the Igeo index of the studied metals using the Ahumada's (2006) base line values, give results less than 0, which corresponds to natural concentrations found in unaltered areas (Table 6).
Geo-accumulation index (Igeo), an estimate of the extent of metal pollution of soil is presented in Table 1.
[ii] : Geo-accumulation Index (Igeo) was originally defined by Muller (1969) for metal concentrations in the <2[micro]m fraction and developed for the global standard shale values which is expressed as It is expressed as: (Igeo= log2(Cn/1.5*Bn)
In this study, geoaccumulation (Igeo), enrichment factor (EF), contamination factor (CF) and pollution load index (PLI) have been applied to assess the metal contamination levels of urban street dust of Benin city.
From tables 6a and 6b, Zn has 0-1 Igeo index at locations obj 04, obj 06 and obj 15 indicating unpolluted while the other eleven stations have background concentrations.