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IGESInstitute for Global Environmental Strategies (Arlington, Virginia)
IGESInitial Graphics Exchange Specification
IGESInstitute of Global Environment and Society
IGESInitial Graphics Exchange Standard
IGESInstitute of Geography and Earth Sciences
IGESInternational Graphics Exchange Specification
IGESIntegrated Geometry Exchange Package
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Their serum IgE levels were measured and 34 antigens were analyzed.
In this study, we investigated the effect of cycloartenyl ferulate, a major component of rice bran-derived [gamma]-oryzanol, as an anti allergic agent in passive cutaneous anaphylaxis (PCA) reaction and mast cell degranulation, and we further demonstrated that this component had a novel effect on IgE.
A signal enhancement procedure is required to reveal the presence of subnanomolar concentrations of analytes, such as serum-specific IgE. One such method has recently been described (9); here we report on an alternative methodology.
The IGES report said record floods hit Vietnam and Cambodia from July to October, killing 639 people and affecting over 10 million people.
Another feature of the 5.1 release is a major strengthening of the ability of IGES to handle associative dimensioning.
Design-Expert is bundled with Auto CAD Release 12 and IGES translator, while the Manufacturing Expert package includes AutoCAD 12 and Auto Mill for generating NC tool paths.
IGES began as a mechanism for transferring wireframe drawings.
In our reverse engineering system, data are transferred between the CMM and CAD units using IGES, which is a nonproprietary neutral format for exchanging design data between different CAD systems.
This study aimed to assess the predictive value of total IgE in a group of patients with suspected allergies in Saudi Arabia, in order to determine whether this test is useful as a diagnostic tool in this population.
Besides the necessary production of IgE induced by proteins with specific allergenic properties, several other factors are necessary to produce allergic reactions, as IgE presence is not equivalent to clinical allergy.
To determine if the most protease-resistant Ara h2 fragments contained IgE-binding epitopes, the protein was exposed to chymotrypsin, and the reactions were electrophoresed on SDS-PAGE gels, blotted to nitrocellulose, and probed with serum IgE from a pool of peanut-sensitive patients.
To test this hypothesis, they measured the IgE levels for 941 babies born between 1/89 and 2/90.